I design furniture and products primarily for mass and batch production, with the simple aim to produce beautiful and useful everyday objects. Inspiration is taken from the materials themselves and the processes used to work with them, complimented with an inquisitive study of objects and our relationship with them. I always attempt to find the simplest and most appropriate solution, allowing the results to become details that outline the design. A functional element will be revealed and refined to become a defining characteristic, highlighting the beauty of the material and the way in which it has been used. By applying a reductive approach in this way, an aesthetic appears that is honest, understated and confident.

Being interested in making and creating things since a young age, the path to becoming a designer has been a natural one. I came to design after previously working as a Cabinet Maker and Joiner. My love of making things and coming up with ideas was satisfied in my work and spare time until I decided to study design; wanting to dig deeper in to questions I had, not only about how to make things but why we make things. Having developed an intuitive sense for what is useful and pleasing to the eye through making, I wanted to define this intuition and get to the bottom of why we perceive things the way that we do.

Having graduated from Manchester School of Art with a BA in Three Dimensional Design, I am now seeking opportunities within Furniture and Product design both full time and on a freelance basis.