Writing Desk

In the design of functional objects, it is all too tempting to allow the imagination to create scenarios that do not translate to everyday life.

In the research phases of designing this writing desk I noticed how many desks had become so complicated that they would likely not only fail to satisfy the basic function of a desk (a blank surface upon which to work), but that they were so attention grabbing that they run the risk of becoming tiresome.

The desk is normal. And that’s just right for a lasting relationship with it, allowing the subtle character of the desk to shine when observed, yet assimilate to its surroundings when not in use.

Artistic expression and character is embedded in the desk through its constructional, layered joinery. The legs support the cantilevered surface in an unexpected use of asymmetrical balance, and the way in which the legs run through the top provides the opposing force. This refined architectural approach provides a unique and engaging visual language.

Made with solid ash and linoleum.

(H) 740 x (W) 1200 x (D) 650