Isokon Chair

Working to a brief set by the Isokon gallery at the iconic modernist building in Hampstead, the project sought suggestions for ways in which we might live in increasingly cramped living conditions. Similar to the approach of the modernist architects and designers, who also proposed more appropriate solutions to modern life, the resulting chair suggested a furniture system that would allow for more transient and flexible living situations.

As a collaborative project with textile students, we developed a system that utilised the flexibility and graphic possibilities of textiles to be easily disassembled and assembled. The joining mechanism that was developed can be applied to an endless variety of frame works, with the capability to be used in multiple different frames, allowing customisation for the user as their needs and desires change in relation to their living situation. Not only is the system flexible in use, it is also intuitive and easy to operate without the need for extensive learning.

Made with CNC routed plywood, melamine, fabric and pine timber.